Apocalypse A.K.A. Sinulog

January 22, 2014

Getting drunk and crazy? Nope, we didn’t do any of those.

Getting drunk and crazy? Nope, we didn't do any of those.

Apparently, people still go crazy during the annual Sinulog festival in Cebu. It's like having a full moon. I even saw a "werewolf" (see proof below).

Anyway, for the most part, I just walked around the city snapping random interesting things I came across. I mean this was probably the only time I could do that without fear of getting nabbed on the streets.

So many street vendors.

People and trash don't go well together.

You are being watched.

So you won't have to pee on the sidewalks. Please don't. And stop spitting damn it.

For a brief second, I experienced a spiritual shift.

My friend Joan with her boyfriend and family selling sweets and treats.

And we started our hike to Ayala. Short distance, but the crowd was definitely a challenge. I think I stepped on a few humans but I couldn't really tell.


Meeting up with Annie to watch fireworks.

Ended our night with a very spectacular fireworks display. Been awhile since I've seen something like this. It was breath-taking!

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