Getting drunk and crazy? Nope, we did neither of those.

Once a year, Cebuanos gather in the streets to enjoy a celebrated event called Sinulog. Students parade the street in costumes as they dance to the familiar beat that has played every year since I could remember.

Prii-ti-tit! Priii-ti-tiiit!

kids with masks

Locals recognize the festival as a celebration for Santo Niño (Baby Jesus). But in recent years, it has evolved into a big party that tourists and young people alike take as an opportunity to have fun, go crazy, and get drunk. I take it as an opportunity to walk around the city without any fear of getting mugged. Of course, you do have to deal with gropers if you end up in the parts of the city where the parties are happening. So you’re not completely safe.

Discarded couch Electrical chaos
People selling things on the streets
Hanging plants People and trash don't go well together
Man playing music in the streets
Trapo Trash collector
You are being watched
Don't pee in public
Children sitting on railings A spiritual shift
Children playing in the streets
Headless boy Hat vendor
Joan and family selling food And then it turned dark

When it became dark, we began our hike to Ayala. Short distance, but the crowd was definitely a challenge.

Victory Meeting up with our friend Annie

Meeting up with Annie to watch fireworks.

The group Fireworks

We ended our night with a spectacular fireworks display. It’s been a while since I’ve experienced something like it. It was breathtaking!