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Monterrazas de Cebu

Sep 22, 2013
Monterrazas de Cebu

It made me love my city more

When my aunt asked me to come with her to a launching party up the mountains, I said yes. What I saw blew me away. I have never seen Cebu from that perspective. It made me love my city more.

steep road

We head up a very steep road.

steep road
Reaching the top
Dreamy grass
Dreamy grass
My aunt, tita virgie
Tita virgie and her friend
Candid photo of Jeremie

I love candids.

Cebu City
Small houses of Cebu
Bottom half
Too many strange poses in this photo
Cocktail event
It felt like we were attending someone's wedding

Food from my personal favorite catering service—Creative Cuisine. Yum!

Setting up the stage
Danger powerline
Chef cooking my pasta
Evening drives in Cebu

And then it turned dark.

Cebu at twilight

Cebu is just awesome.

Getting dark
Beautiful view of the city at night
The city at night

I’d love to fly here.

Stage is ready

The day transitioned into something more formal.

Beautiful stairway lights
Black and white evening
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