Monterrazas de Cebu

September 22, 2013

It made me love my city more

It's no argument that I love nature so when my aunt asked me to come with her to a launching party up the mountain, I said yes. What I saw up there blew me away. I have never seen Cebu from the perspective. It made me love my city more.

We head up a very steep road.

See how steep it is? I don't wish to ride my bike here; It's too dangerous for a clumsy human like me.

Spirited away once more.

I just love candids.

Too many strange poses in this photo.

It felt like we were attending someone's wedding up there. This is the clubhouse.

Food from my personal favorite catering service--Creative Cuisine. Yum!

Gimme my pasta!

And then it turned dark.

Cebu is just awesome.

I'd love to fly here.

The party transitioned into something more formal.

Take me to the dance floor, lover. Such a romantic scene.

We had to leave the party early.

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