Better Days

September 3, 2012

There is a hole in the sky that sucks people into space.

Here's another [fun?] fact about me: I am constantly paranoid. I guess this is one reason why it's very hard for me to trust people. I've always wanted to find out how I got into this negative habit, or when it started, what triggered the paranoia.

Was I naturally paranoid as a kid?

They say that paranoia saves you. But I believe that it also destroys you. Isolating yourself from everyone you think will harm you when all along they are the ones constantly there. Sometimes I think about going to see a psychiatrist just to find out the answers but I'm too afraid that it will simply worsen my case.


There is a hole in the sky that sucks people into space.

We were playing hide & seek when we were kids. I started looking for my brothers inside my parents' room but something caught my attention that made me stop and stare out the window. In the middle of the afternoon, there was something moving in the sky. It looked to me like slow-moving light about 20-30 falling from the sky ever so slowly. I did not see them reach the ground, but I swear they looked pretty strange.

I did not know then what they were and I always thought that people fell from the sky after being sucked while they were sleeping. Nobody remembers. It was just a dream.

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