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Looking Back at 2013

Jan 1, 2014
Looking Back at 2013

So much has happened in a span of one year, and I’ve learned many things as the months went by. Here’s a summary of my 2013.

I’m exercising my memory, checking to see how the previous year went for me.


First Sinulog out in a long time. The last time I went to Sinulog was when I was probably less than 10 years old. I’ve lost interest in the parades ever since it turned into a chaotic celebration. But that particular January, Jeremie and I had the same thought. We had nothing to do so we decided to brave the waves of people and went to Baseline. BAD IDEA. It was chaotic! I felt like a lemon being squished out of its juices.


10-day trip to Ilocos Norte. The biggest highlight of the year was probably our trip to Ilocos Norte. It was filled with discovery and relaxation. The trip showed us that the Philippines is truly gifted with natural resources and picturesque landscapes.

We trekked Mount Pinatubo and met new friends along the way, explored the well-preserved streets of Vigan, went Sandboarding in Paoay, Laoag, were humbled by the giant Bangui Windmills, pampered in a gorgeous resort in Pagudpud, and stayed in Kapuluan Resort on Valentines Day. The minimalist-inspired resort served organic food (yes, we’ve seen their little farm).

looking back at 2013


Went berserk and cut my hair short. After several days of debating with myself, I finally decided to go pixie. It was terrifying but absolutely worth it. The new hair gave me some much-needed confidence.

Camping in Zambales. As if the 10-day trip to Ilocos wasn’t enough! My family and I went to Zambales last March. We walked around the streets of Olongapo, went camping in Anawangin, explored the nearby islands, went to Zoobic, and on our last day, dropped by Ocean Park in Manila. This was my gift to my 2 younger brothers who both graduated from college that month.

looking back at 2013


Turned 6 years with Jeremie. After all the “wanderlusting”, I didn’t realize we had been together for six years. He was out-of-town during our anniversary so I didn’t really expect much until a surprise came knocking.

A big bouquet of flowers! We both don’t see the significance in giving flowers, but this one was an exception.

looking back at 2013

Started living on my own. After searching for the right home to live in, I finally found an unfurnished apartment in Mabolo that was perfect for me. It was love at first sight! I couldn’t wait to transform it. There was a point, though, when I couldn’t stop buying things I didn’t need but thankfully, I was able to overcome my impulsive behavior.

looking back at 2013


Opened Happy Sacks. On May 11, we opened our first stall in JY Square. The whole process of running a business was new to me and very stressful. I learned so many things from Happy Sacks like how to pick your staff, interview and train them, manage and run the numbers, deal with people in a non-introverted way, promote products through marketing, solve problems, create a system, and so so much more. It gave me nightmares (literally), but the challenge was so much fun at the same time.

looking back at 2013


Experienced the untouched beauty of Siquijor. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to say no to travel. Sure I still have lots to do for our new business, but when the opportunity of travel came, I had no doubts about it. Siquijor felt like being lost in a secret island that only a handful of people know about. We spent hours sunbathing and swimming and floating on the beach.

looking back at 2013

Watched dolphins in the wild. We were about to give up when they didn’t show up, but then at the very last minute when everyone was saying we should just go back home, they came out! Dolphins are such pranksters.

looking back at 2013


Learned to make my own mochi. July was uneventful for me, but I learned a new skill. I was addicted to Mochi and had been craving for the little balls, so I decided to do some research and replicate the recipe. It was a partial success! We got the texture and taste, however, I couldn’t find the right way to insert the ice cream without it melting quickly.


Swam with sea turtles. We were a foot away from them! We weren’t allowed to touch them but just looking at them blows you away. This was my first time seeing them in the wild. On a side note: Apo island was great too!

looking back at 2013


Jeselle’s homecoming. One of my closest childhood friends came home from California. We rarely see her so this was something big. We had plans to go out of the country or out of town, but everyone was too busy and it’s really hard to plan something when there’s a whole bunch of people involved so we ended up swimming at a hotel. We ate dinner at my apartment and had a slumber party after.

looking back at 2013

Featured in Sunstar. Happy Sacks got featured in a prominent newspaper in Cebu! Jeremie and I were so nervous during the interview.

looking back at 2013


Jeremie moved to Singapore. Other good news, Jeremie got an offer in Paypal so he had to move there. I was happy and just a little sad that we were going to be separated by water. So this is how long-distance relationships feel like. I expected something far worse, but it turned out okay.

Folk Fiction’s first pop-up event. Happy Garaje with their handmade toys, Ballista Games with their board games, and Happy Sacks with our dumplings and milk tea teamed up to create Folk Fiction.

looking back at 2013


Ra Ra Riot, Explosions in the Sky. We celebrated Jeremie’s birthday at the Camp Symmetry Festival in Singapore. Lots of great bands played, but we were there for Ra Ra Riot and Explosions in the Sky.

looking back at 2013

The World’s 2nd largest aquarium. Intrigued, we decided to check it out. We both love the ocean and sea creatures! All I can say is…wow, that was a huge aquarium. I can’t wait to see the world’s largest aquarium.

looking back at 2013

National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs Exhibit. Enough said. National Geographic is just…

looking back at 2013

Attended a writer’s festival. Learning and getting inspired at the same time!

looking back at 2013

Sad to say goodbye to Happy Sacks. We sold the company to a good friend of mine. I’m sure she will take good care of it. It’s sad to say goodbye to our first startup, but on the plus side, at least it lives on.


Birthday surprise. Another one of his crazy surprises! I really didn’t know he was in Cebu. I had embarrassingly told everyone he was coming on the 15th because it was my birthday. Anyway, I cried that night when the blindfolds dropped and I saw him standing with balloons.

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