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Off to New Places

Apr 13, 2015
Off to New Places

Sometimes you have to make small sacrifices to achieve bigger things

The wait is finally over. Here I am, a day before the big move, sorting through a pile of books. I’ve narrowed down to six favorites! It took ages for me to make decisions. Compare that to the time I spent on my clothes, which only took me five minutes to sort through.

I can’t wait to see Jeremie who’s already in San Francisco. So long FaceTime, hello face time! And hi there seventeen hours of flying! Yep, let’s hope my books will keep me entertained.

It sucks to be this far away from him, but I can’t complain, we’re both chasing our dreams. And I’m happy that he’s finally in a place where he has more opportunities to achieve them. Sometimes you have to make small sacrifices to achieve bigger things. I hope we’re both on the right track—with his passion for creating things, and my love for storytelling.

In the meantime, I’m double checking my things and making sure I’ve got everything ready. Tomorrow’s the big day. See you again Cebu! I’m off to a new land.

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