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The 12-Month Reset

Jan 2, 2013
The 12-Month Reset

It starts with an emotional shift—evolving from excitement to anxiety, and finally, warmth.

And as the clock strikes twelve and people in this little city begin to brighten up their, head for the streets, and make a lot of noise, part of me goes into a process of resetting. It starts with an emotional shift—ranging from excitement to anxiety, and finally warmth. It’s followed by vague thoughts of yesterday, the week, month, year, even a decade before. And it ends in an afterthought of unanswered questions and senseless episodes.

By morning, I begin to visualize the days ahead. My body is refueled with energy, and I feel an utmost need to see the glare of light outside the window. Only then do I realize that yesterday was a dream and reality just begun.

The first day of the year always gives me hope. I feel my body start over. It’s as if everything I did yesterday was something I did last year and I’ve been given a chance to start all over again—a chance to do better and to live life the way it should be lived.

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