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When the Storm Comes

25 Jul 2013
When the Storm Comes

When strong winds came to Cebu, we dropped everything and head to the outskirts

Jeremie smiled as he saw the trees twist and turn outside the window.

Surf! he exclaimed excitedly as I paused and struggled to understand what he meant by that. Let’s go!

I watched—still dazed—as he moved around the room gathering a bunch of things and stuffing them inside his bag. Seriously? We’re driving down South on a weekday? I hesitated at first, but the idea of going to a random place seemed enticing. It’d been a while since I went on a spontaneous trip.

Let’s go! I said grabbing the only thing I needed to bring—a camera.

Leaves swaying
Surfer Surfer
Waves crashing on rocks
Minglanilla store
Industrial setting Industrial setting
Man surfing Man surfing
Brown sand beach
Lookout Minglanilla mountains and trees
Old man walking the beach
Children playing in the water
Boy looking at me from the water
Two boys in the water
Child and sky Old man on the beach
Kids playing during sunset
Sunset in the beach
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