Midnight Story

October 28, 2012

Her words do not make sense to me and she speaks at a thousand words per minute.

The girl that lived in my head has returned. I thought I'd controlled her, kept her locked in a room and swallowed the key whole but she is persistent and eventually found herself out. You can't imagine how much effort I've tried to keep her away but she keeps on haunting me.

I look at this girl with utmost pity--she's weak, she doesn't react to logic at times, she can't even control her own emotions. Yet there is something about her that binds us together--as though we were supposed to from the beginning.

Her words do not make sense to me and she speaks at a thousand words per minute. When she finally stops to take a breath, her words start to make a bit of sense.

"I don't understand people" she says, looking through me without blinking. "And they don't understand me."

"Just because I'm a fish doesn't mean I want to be with all the other fish to feel that I belong neither do I desire to become a dolphin...Why can't I JUST be considered an animal?"

The walls now seemed closer, the room narrower as I secretly planned out how I was going to lock her up again. Time was running out and it seemed that if I didn't come up with something quick, I'd be stuck in this claustrophobic room with her for the rest of my life.

She senses my fear and starts to tease me.

"There is no way out of here. You are going to have to accept that I am part of you, and you me."

I cringed at the thought but was strangely thinking the same.

"They do not know about me, you've put on quite a show. But people will try to find the body that you've hid in your closet just to ruin you. That's the sad reality. They do not care about you. They try to listen, but they don't understand what you're saying."

I screamed. I did not want to hear anymore. I closed my eyes. Tried to hope and pray that this was not happening and wished that when I opened my eyes, it was all just my imagination.

I waited three seconds, then slowly opened my eyes.

She wasn't there and the room that I was in changed back to the way it was.

I stood up heading towards the door. But just as I was about to touch the door knob, a voice whispers in my ear "We are one. You can't escape me..."

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