This is Me at 4am

August 13, 2013

Every gesture, every word, every thought can become us.

I have drawn to the conclusion that drinking too much tea while getting all excited about something has its side effects. Particularly, leading me to endless twists and turns, an out-of-control hair, and a rather busy, busy mind. This has very often happened to me and yet after countless "I'll never ever drink tea at night again", I end up sipping another large cup of tea and a body heavily abused.

Then finally at 4am, it got me thinking--if my body doesn't want to sleep yet why should I force it to? I've never been a fan of forcing things (no matter how controlling I can be). So I stopped moving and started thinking some more.

This morning, I was fascinated about how a series of decisions build up a person's being. Every gesture, every word, every thought can become us. I thought about how and when children transition into adults. Do we one day just wake up from bed and decide to act the way we should? I can't remember. It's as if there are portions of my past that don't seem to piece together.

Reality usually takes the blame on why some kids need to grow up fast. But I don't blame reality. I think any experience (no matter how bad) is worth going through. It doesn't make sense at first, it never does. But once you start understanding it, you'll find that they are indeed helping you improve in making decisions. Decisions that we so often take for granted.

Take it like this--life tastes sweeter once you've gone through the hard part.

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