Amphawa Floating Market


People ate their meals by the canal on a wooden platform.

February 10, 2015

Postcards of Thailand often show floating markets with colorful fruits and vegetables neatly arranged on a boat. I wanted to see for myself what the hype was about so I did some research and a couple of floating markets got my attention.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

It's the most popular floating market in Thailand. Known for its vibrant display, it attracts tourists from around the world. The urge to take photos almost drove me to choose this market, but I got discouraged by the tourists. I don't hate them. People should spend their money and travel however they want (granted they don't hurt others). But one thing I learned about being in a tourist spot is that things become over-priced.

Amphawa Floating Market

It's not as colorful as Damnoen Saduak, but the locals love it for its delicious food. I've decided this was the place for me. As much as I wanted to take beautiful photographs, I thought it would be a change to make my stomach happy this time.


Amphawa floating market fed me like a queen. Food was cheap and abundant, which was hard for me to stick to my budget. I spent most of my spare cash in this market because everything just looked so good! I didn't even realize it until I left.

My favorite was the freshly-made pad thai (I don't have a picture, too hungry to bother) and the tasty coconut balls in banana leaves. The milk tea, as usual, was perfect for the hot and humid afternoon!

Exploring the Market

People ate their meals by the canal on a wooden platform. It was very appetizing just looking at the seafood cooked on the boat.

Quirky Shops

Nothing makes me happier than stumbling upon quirky little shops and encountering even quirkier owners. I stepped into a shop and was amazed that the prices were so inexpensive! I was able to buy a custom-painted pair of shoes for only 300 Baht.

Evening Came

Most people had gone home with a full belly, but I stayed to explore the market. People were washing their dishes on the murky water. The boats, emptied of food, were ready to leave. And when the canal cleared up, the children took over, jumping into the water and laughing as they ran back up the bridge. It was entertaining to watch them. It reminded me of my childhood when my siblings and I played in the pool all day.

As the sun came down, I was ready to retreat into my room, lay in bed, and recount all the delicious food I ate that day. I booked a room with a window that opened into the canal. Since I was on the second floor, I left it open so I could hear the market as it slowly began to quiet.

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