Amphawa Floating Market

February 10, 2015

People gobbled their meals as they sat on the sides of the boats.

Postcards of Thailand often show a colorful floating market with vendors selling fruits and vegetables in their boats. I've always been curious about it so I went online and found a couple of floating markets that stood out from the countless floating markets in Thailand.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Known for its colorful display and photo-perfect scenes, this floating market is packed with vendors selling over-priced fruits and vegetables to tourists who wish to "experience" the vibe of the market.

Amphawa Floating Market

Least popular among the tourists but said to be most popular among the locals for its mouth-watering food choices, I've decided this was the place I wanted to visit. Although less colorful, the place did not disappoint!


Amphawa floating market fed me like a king (or queen if we have to be gender-specific) and the inexpensive array of dishes made me throw my money around while walking down the narrow wooden paths.

My favorite of all was the freshly-made pad thai (no picture, was too hungry to bother) and the scrumptious coconut balls placed in banana leaves. The milk tea, as usual, was just perfect for the hot and humid afternoon!

Exploring the Market

People gobbled their meals as they sat on the sides of the boats. I wasn't able to try the seafood but they looked really good.

Quirky Shops

Nothing makes me happier than stumbling upon quirky little shops and meeting quirkier owners. I stepped into one of the little shops and realized the prices were not that bad! I was able to buy a custom-painted pair of shoes for 300 Baht only.

Evening Came

As the sun went down, the number of people on the market also grew smaller. People left with a happy stomach and I was ready to retreat into my room. I booked a room that had a window that opened into the canal.

The kids started jumping from the bridge as the place began to operate in silence. There were still boats selling food but it seemed like they were almost out of food.

As for me, I took a seat in one of the restaurants by the canal and spent my night looking at the boats that passed by.

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