Finding Peace and Relaxation

September 30, 2012

The feel of sand on my toes, the slow-moving clouds in the sky…

It began with a question,

"Do you want to go to the beach?" he asks.

I had thought about the beach the other day. Of how much I have missed it. The feel of sand on my toes, the slow-moving clouds in the sky, and the thought of time standing still as we spend the day doing everything we could think of.

We both looked out the window. The sky was a bit dark. It seemed like it was about to rain. Nevertheless, we packed and headed towards the beach.

Halfway through, it started to drizzle. There was no hint of the sun coming out that day but it didn't stop us. Our trip was filled with great music and a handful of interesting stories that involved us being kids and going to the beach.

As a little boy, Jeremie enjoyed walking by the shore and catching fish or sea cucumbers. I, on the other hand had fond memories of being with my brothers and sister as we built sandcastles and trenches.

A few minutes later, we reached our destination. The sun still had not let up but it was surprisingly hot. We paid the reception lady, who then gave us our adventure map and coupons for dinner. Then, we were ready to run around like little kids.

It was Jeremie's first time there but I had already gone a couple times--one when we were kids, and the next when I was in College.

The lagoon seemed pretty inviting though I wished the sky was a little less gloomy.

Here's a view of a romantic gazebo and Jeremie dipping his feet (and slippers!!) in the water. He thought I didn't see him, but I was able to hold evidence against him. muhahahaha

Then we found a cozy little spot for two. There was no time for lounging around and we quickly took a leap from here. We explored the huge lagoon for a few minutes before our stomachs started complaining. And once they began to growl, we went to the nearest restaurant. We ordered a couple of dishes not knowing the serving was for two! We were quite surprised that it was not that expensive (P350.00 average that can be shared by two or three people depending on appetite).

Because my brain spotted the word "Bacon", I ordered the club sandwich with wedges on the sides. It was really good except for the fact that the insides kept on sliding out from the bread. The bacon on the sandwich was so crispy and delicious, I wanted to cry!

Jeremie's Chicken Panini was also good. The bread was toasted in a way that it felt crispy when you first bite it and then it feels soft and milky when you chew on it. The potato salad was also really good.

It started to rain hard as we were eating inside the cafe. It provided a rather beautiful backdrop and soothing ambiance.

Night came and after our three-course dinner, we decided to explore the resort and see how it looked in the dark. This chandelier caught my attention. Something about it screams country.

The dark provided a romantic scene around the resort.

We went on and found an interesting light source. This provided us with an opportunity to play around with portraits.

Why so serious?

Our trip to the beach was fun. The food was great. The place was quite romantic. We had our share of memories floating around and we went home drunk with stories.

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