It felt like being on a different planet

Coming from Clark, we took an expensive tricycle ride to the bus station. It was I think 3 or 4 in the morning, so we were still a bit groggy from lack of sleep. The bus station was a big challenge. We didn’t know which bus to take that could take us to a town we weren’t familiar with to meet our guide. So we took our chances and took a bus that seemed to be going in the right direction.

Thankfully, we got there, though we were a little late. Another van ride was to take place, but at least now we were in the hands of the guide.

Early morning
Sunrise on our way to Mount Pinatubo
Tiny people walking down the road
Wooden structure
Using the restroom before the drive Our 4x4 ride to the trek area
Sun peeking

I was completely blown away by the landscape.

Mountain with sunrise
Reflections on the ground Reflections on the ground
Another 4x4 behind us Locals living on the land
My mismatch look Blurry Jeremie looking at the landscape
Kids playing around
Local kids posing Little boy looking straight at the camera
Local produce for sale
Jagged mountains
Locals selling in their makeshift stall
Old lady posing for a photo

After taking this photo, she gave out a small laugh probably already used to people taking pictures of her. She did her own pose which I assume that she learned from past photographers.

Many children Many children
Children chasing after the 4x4s
Men moving rocks in the river Carabaos
On our way to the mountain
More mountains Texture Sunlight on the mountains
Mountain sunlight
Group photo with our new friends Jake the dog!

We also encountered men in uniform. They were doing community service in the area.

Walking past some soldiers Soldiers
Our new friend posing with the soldiers
Rock piles Boulders and houses

We walked for a few minutes before we reached the crater.

Bushes Watch your steps River hike
The volcano's crater
Tiny humans More tiny humans by the crater Looks like a beach
Walking away Crater view
The group
Lumpia shanghai junk food Lady selling halo halo