On the Road

June 10, 2015

It was like a scene from an indie film

The fog rolled over the city as we drove past the famous Golden Gate bridge. After days of being in San Francisco, I finally had the chance to see this majestic structure. Grey overcast skies loomed behind it evoking thoughts of thriller films that involved giant dinosaurs, superheroes, and aliens. Come to think of it, most movies that had the Golden Gate bridge in it usually ended with the whole thing being destroyed. Directors must really hate the bridge. Cue dark and sinister background music. *Cough Godzilla Soundtrack Cough*

"I wonder if I can cross this bridge on foot." A thought drifted as answers instantly came in the form of people hiking/cycling/jogging on the side of the road. I made a mental note to cross the bridge with a bicycle or on foot when I get the chance. Oh wait, I need to re-learn how to ride a bike. Everyone keeps telling me that once you learn it, you’ll never forget. Well, I'm living proof that that statement isn't true. I tried to ride a bike in Ayutthaya, Thailand once and the whole time I felt like a pancake being flipped from one side to the other.

The Point of Interest

Point Reyes is a cape located in Marin County sitting several miles northwest of San Francisco. I googled the place a few days back and was instantly smitten by the scenery of cliffs overlooking the Pacific ocean. Being a lazy ass, I did not finish reading the rest of its history and skipped to the images section. I'm a sucker for visuals.

Our first stop was an information center that looked like one of those cabins you see on TV. It had that same woody feel and warmth. We bought a map in case (for some inexplicable reason) our digital maps would go crazy or if we find ourselves lost in the woods without any signal.

The lady at the information desk was kind enough to give us a brief idea of what to expect while driving within the national park.

"Watch out for flooding in some parts of the road." I imagined the worst but we later found out flood meant an inch of puddle not your-car-will-be-swimming-in-water-and-you-have-to-float-around-holding-on-to-dear-life-until-someone-saves-you flood. Okay, I went overboard with that description but that was exactly what I had in mind.

“Are there any wild animals here?”

“Yes, you can find elephant seals on an overlooking deck and you might find elks here as well.” She drew a circle on our map. That got me excited. Clearly, I’d been hoping to see animals in the wild for as long as the Discovery and National Geographic channel existed on this planet.

“Is there any place nearby that we can go for lunch?” she probably got that question all the time. Nevertheless, she replied patiently about a restaurant nearby with a generic name and another called the “Saltwater”. A unanimous vote led all five of us to the latter.

Imagine a quaint one-story restaurant with white walls and black window frames facing a serene lake. Everything we ordered was just melt-in-your-mouth perfect. From the fresh baked oysters, to the aragula salad, down to the mushroom and herbs pizza, literally everything we ate did not disappoint.

"The restaurant server just came out of that garden with some herbs."

Each of us turned to what looked like a tiny slice of forest outside the restaurant. He had a handful of Aragula in his hands and we bet that was where they got their fresh ingredients.

"Let's hope nobody decided to take a piss in that garden."

Jeremie went exploring outside as Robbie, Shai, and I bought some hot drinks to keep us warm. After we got our order, I told them I'd meet them at the car in a minute after I figured out where my husband went to. He loves exploring. One minute, he's there, the next he'd be several meters away climbing an abandoned pile of junk.

Sure enough, he was completely out of sight but I wasn't really worried because he always knew how to find his way back. Unlike yours truly who seems to have a broken internal compass and ends up getting lost for hours...even with a map on hand.

"I found a boat!" Jeremie handed me his phone and a picture of a broken-down, rusty boat tilted to one side in the lake fills the screen. It was like a scene from an indie film where little kids go exploring and find this abandoned boat which they eventually transform into their private meeting place.

Like those kids, we investigated the boat and realized it was named after our destination. Against the rusty panels, in bold black serif, it read:

Point Reyes

It felt more than a coincidence that the name of the boat was that of the place we were in. We came up with several theories about the boat before turning back, and moving on with our trip. I looked back over my shoulder as we walked back to the car and thought:

What's your story?

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