On the Road


On the rotten panels, in bold black serif, it read: Point Reyes.

June 10, 2015

The fog rolled over the city as we drove past the famous Golden Gate bridge. After weeks of living in San Francisco, I finally had the chance to see this majestic structure. Grey overcast sky loomed behind it eliciting thoughts of thriller films with giant dinosaurs, superheroes, and aliens.

I wonder if I can cross it on foot? Right then, I saw people hiking/cycling/jogging on a narrow sidewalk. I made a mental note to cross the bridge on foot or with a bicycle. Frankly, I'm a bit rusty with bicycles. I attempted to ride a bike in Ayutthaya, Thailand and felt like a pancake flipping from one side to the other. I ended up taking a tuk-tuk instead.

The Point of Interest

Point Reyes is a cape sitting several miles in Marin County, northwest of San Francisco. I googled it a few days ago and fell in love with the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Being a lazy ass, I didn't finish reading the rest of its history and skipped to the images section.

We stopped by the visitor center. It resembled one of those cabins you see on TV. The lady at the information desk was kind enough to give us a brief idea of what to expect while driving in the park.

"Watch out for flooding in some parts of the road." I imagined the worst but later found out flood meant an inch of puddle, not your-car-will-be-swimming-in-water-and-you-have-to-float-around-holding-on-to-dear-life-until-someone-saves-you flood like we have in my hometown.

“Are there wild animals here?”

“You can find elephant seals on an overlooking deck, and maybe come across some elks.” She drew a circle on our map. That got me excited. I was hoping to see animals in the wild. As someone who grew up watching National Geographic and Discovery channel, I've been dreaming about seeing animals in the wild.

For lunch, we went to a restaurant called Saltwater. Imagine a quaint restaurant situated near a lake. Everything we ordered was perfect—from the freshly baked oysters to the arugula salad, to the mushroom and herbs pizza. They did not disappoint.

From a window, we could see a tiny slice of forest outside. The restaurant server came out of that garden with some herbs. He was holding a handful of Arugula. So that's where they get their fresh ingredients! Amazing.

Jeremie went exploring while Robbie, Shai, and I bought drinks to keep us warm. After we got our order, I told them I'd meet them in the car after I figured out where my husband was. He loves exploring! One minute, he's there, the next he's several meters away climbing an abandoned pile of junk.

As expected, he was nowhere to be found. I wasn't worried though because he always found his way back. Unlike a certain someone who seems to have a broken internal compass and ends up getting lost for hours, even with a map on hand.

"I found a boat!" Jeremie handed me his phone with a picture of a dilapidated, rusty boat in the lake. We examined it and realized it had something written on its side. On the rotten panels, in bold black serif, it read:

It was more than a coincidence that the name of the boat was our destination. We came up with several theories about the boat. Why was it abandoned? What was it doing on land? What's the story?

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