Passing by Baguio

20 Aug 2013
Passing by Baguio

Before heading back to Manila, we took a quick stop in Baguio.

I have memories of being there with my family when I was in high school. Those were the days when the family took care of all the planning and spending while we kids follow their lead and enjoy the trip.

On our way to Baguio Sun beaming in the bus

Nobody told us our driver was a rootin tootin cowboy. Guess that explains the bumpy ride.

Bus driver's cowboy hat

Baguio is overcrowded. The road heading to the city was packed with vehicles. The traffic is comparable to that in Manila.

Mountain of houses
Red roofed houses
Clothes line

Brain and gut-flavored taho. Kidding! It’s strawberry.

Strawberry-flavored taho Taho served in pink plastic cups

We visited several tourist traps.

Baguio park Kid looking at wishing well

Japanese-themed structure in the middle of the park.

Group photo
Maiza in the cave

We went into a dark cave. Luckily, I have my trusty flashlight with me

Just me striking a pose Buddhist sculptures
Art gallery
Odd-looking tree

Odd-looking tree

Vendors selling souvenirs Natives posing for the camera
Horses lining up
Yummy, fresh strawberries
Huge gates Another group shot
Nuts vendor
Dog sleeping
Mountain view
Adrian looking outside the window Maiza looking outside the window
Looking down
Magical clouds