Sagada Part 2

August 19, 2013

We woke up at around 2 or 3 am and drove to a dark and misty uphill path.

The next day started with a disappointment.

We woke up at around 2 or 3 am and drove to a dark and misty uphill path. From all the photos we saw online, the place we were heading to was known for its magnificent sunrise view. Half-asleep in the van, I wondered about how the heck the tour/driver could navigate with a 2-meter visibility while climbing up a steep road.

Jeremie and I were in the front seat talking to the guy about everything. We gathered that aside from giving tours, our well-versed driver also had his own bee farm. We talked about their culture and way of life. It felt like we were watching National Geographic or something.

When we reached the top, we saw a couple of other vans parked. This was disappointment number 1. We really thought we had the place to ourselves but some folks had already arrived and started a bonfire.

The place suddenly felt too crowded as soon as more vans arrived. It was getting really hard to move around without bumping into people.

Disappointment number 2 came when we realized there was no sunrise. It was too cloudy. I bet we weren't the only ones disappointed.

Grand mountains.

Our next destination was in an orange farm known for orange-picking. Unfortunately for us, they ran out of oranges for people to pick. Great.

So we decided to just dropby the restaurant to eat breakfast.

Bacon that's too saggy and sad.

Having fun with the natural light.

Adrian the lumberjack.

Afterwards, it was time for a 2-hour morning walk.

No sweat. We started like this and ended like fish out-of-water.

We learned our lesson the other day and got a guide from the tiny information booth.

Tiny people in a vast ocean of grass.

Wait for me guys! I think I might get an award for slowest trekker. I have this huge fear of heights and this theory that my clumsiness will eventually kill me. Seriously dumb ways to die.

We reached the waterfalls. We didn't swim though. We just looked at the crowd and headed back up.

Spirited away moment?

It was exhausting and surprisingly hot but we survived the walk.

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