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San Francisco Streets

04 Dec 2015
San Francisco Streets

The light summer clothes that we're used to wearing have now transformed into cozy sweaters and thick coats

It’s been eight months since we moved into this city. It doesn’t feel that long since we unpacked our luggage and called this tiny apartment our new home. The light summer clothes that we’re used to wearing have now transformed into cozy sweaters and thick coats.

I’ve never been a cold-weather type of person. I don’t get excited by boots and scarves or snow (thankfully, there’s no snow in San Francisco). But I’m slowly adjusting. The one good thing about this weather is that it gives me an excellent excuse to drink all the hot chocolate I want. Hah!

These past few months, we’ve been saving up for our long-overdue honeymoon, so we’ve held off on some indulgences. San Francisco is expensive, so we thought of ways to entertain ourselves without spending too much. One way is to explore the city on foot, taking in all the things that make it beautiful and unique.

Red door
Someone's window Plants for sale
Pigeons hanging out in Van Ness sign
Hippies on Haight street
Woman with her dog Black and white person
Performing arts garage Man smoking and a view of a building
Union square statue
Chihuahua between giraffes MJ striking a pose
Plants sneaking in
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