The Train to Kanchanaburi

August 13, 2014

The soothing sound of Elegy plays in the background as I gazed at the moving greens.

Lost & Found

It was a terrible morning. As if the lack of sleep was not enough (I drank milk tea the previous day), the taxi driver who was supposed to take me to the train station took me to a different place. The reception lady gave him clear instructions (in Thai) and I even showed him a piece of paper that was also written in Thai stating where I was heading.

Unfortunately, the communication gods abandoned me and as soon as the taxi zoomed off, I realized I was once again lost. Oh that familiar feeling was back and I hated it.

Fortunately, I was able to find an officer who helped me get another taxi. Since we were in a main highway, we had to wait for several minutes before a taxi stopped in front of us. He talked to the driver about my destination and made sure the driver understood the instructions.

I thanked him profusely, noting the extreme kindness the Thai people had shown me over the past few days.

I arrived in the right station and continued to thank the taxi driver a hundred times until he was gone. I thought the train was about to leave but was happy to realize I still had enough time to eat my breakfast. Breakfast was prepared by the lovely receptionist and packed inside a brown paper bag. So sweet.

As soon as I opened the bag, one pigeon flew directly below my feet and looked at me. How amusing.

Do you like sandwiches? I initiated a conversation in my head but it seemed to have no mind-reading capabilities as it cocked its head to one side like a dog. I sighed and continued giving it bits of bread. I bet you like ham. I tossed a piece of ham but it seemed to ignore it.

The train arrived and I rushed to get a good seat. So long, Bangkok!

The excitement died down eventually and I was now looking at endless trees and trees and trees. I was starting to feel a little bored and wished I had a book with me.

Tycho filled the air as I inserted my headphones in both ears. The soothing sound of Elegy plays in the background as I gazed at the moving greens.

It changed my perception. It felt like being in a music video or something. How music changes the way we see things.

Kanchanaburi at last. I spent some time walking around town and in the evening rewarded my feet with the most relaxing and spine-chilling massage ever. My feet were pretty happy all thanks to these ladies. What a way to end the day.

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