Most mornings were spent walking on the beach and afternoons lounging and eating fish tacos

When I think about Tulum, I imagine lush green jungles, powdery white sand beaches, and sunny days. Our experience with this town was both exactly how it’s advertised and also a little bit disappointing at some point. Tulum itself is beautiful, but for a high-tourist area, finding parking was really difficult if you wanted to check out the restaurants near the beach. There’s also no sidewalks, so prepare for close encounters with traffic.

Other than that, the beach was beautiful and the resort we were staying gave us some of the peace we were looking for in this trip.

a frame hut look up at the roof
airbnb jungle cabana reception
gorgeous lighting with plants gorgeous lighting with plants

Tulum is aesthetically-pleasing, with natural, wooden architecture and lush greenery. There is a smell of incense in the air that makes you feel like the entire town is a spa.

radhoo exterior radhoo exterior
radhoo pool
radhoo jungle room me on the hammock lounge

We stayed in a boutique resort that was small so there were only a few of us there. Most mornings were spent walking on the beach and afternoons lounging and eating fish tacos. By sunset, we’re hanging out (literally) on a hammock lounge just outside our room. There was free yoga by the pool and complimentary bikes that we never got to use.

cabana huts lamp details
jeremie walking surrounded by palms
leaf details leaf details
jeremie on a hammock cactus
radhoo pool
radhoo logo radhoo staircase
jeremie walking on the jungle path
me looking at a mirror
sunrise and waves sunrise and waves sunrise and waves

There’s something beautiful about starting your day with the sunrise and ending it with a sunset.

sunrise and jeremie watching
sunrise in tulum
birds in flight birds in flight
white sand
white sand my feet and the sand
shark's fin
los bowls de guadalupe los bowls de guadalupe los bowls de guadalupe
girl in red dress
encantada resort
girl climbing down a structure
tulum tuktuk
tulum wooden door
tulum shop tulum wooden door tulum tattoo shop
radhoo sunset radhoo sunset
jeremie relaxing on hammock