Visiting Ayutthaya

March 12, 2015

The train arrived and I said goodbye to the city as quickly as I said hello.

My memory is starting to alter and shift. If it weren't for these pictures, I wouldn't have remembered what it was like to be there. I've always had a problem with my memory--remembering details like names and even faces which is probably why I like writing things down while they're fresh.

What had brought me to this city? I think about it now and realize I had so few memories of this place. Drunk with temples, my visit turned out to be on the boundaries of cynicism. Ayutthaya is a charming place if only I'd paid more attention to it.

In order to move around, you needed to rent a bike or hire a tuktuk at a more expensive rate if you're traveling alone. God knows I tried getting on a bike but my lack of experience betrayed me and I was left to walk around the city under the scorching heat.

On one occasion, I met a man who drove a tuktuk who offered to take me around the places I circled on my map. We negotiated on the price until we arrived at a mutual agreement.

He told me he used to work in some other country [I forgot if it was Singapore, maybe?] and that he was also a driver there. Apparently he missed Thailand so much that he decided to come home. The unbearable heat made it difficult to focus on our conversation and I now only remember little bits and pieces from it.

In the evening, there wasn't much to do but luckily the place I stayed in was just 2-minutes away from one of the famous evening markets. I walked the entire stretch twice or three times before I decided to buy anything. The smell of fried dish and spices filled the air.

After accomplishing my list, the lady who owned the guesthouse I stayed in took me to the train station. She didn't even ask for money for the ride and once again, my faith in humanity is kept intact. People here are super nice!

The train arrived and I said goodbye to the city as quickly as I said hello.

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