Walking Around Bangkok

August 5, 2014

Bangkok at first glance looks chaotic but once you get to know it, you’ll realize it’s not that bad.

Bangkok gave me a hard time. I got lost tons of time. Could be the fact that I am clearly bad with directions, or it could also be because the map was speaking to me in Thai. Whatever the reason, getting lost in Bangkok was not fun at all especially with the scorching heat. It was mostly frustrating.

But then, I saw these small details in the alleys and I remembered why I went for a walk rather than take a tuktuk. At first glance, Bangkok looks chaotic but once you get to know it, you’ll realize it’s not that bad.

I was heading down the escalator in one of the train stations and as I approached the bottom, everyone stood still. My initial thought was that there was an accident but putting pieces together, I realized they were actually paying respects to their national anthem which was playing in the background. It was an interesting scene.

Feung Nakorn Dorm

The next day, I moved to a new place just so I can be closer to the temples. It was my first time sleeping in a shared bedroom and I couldn’t have picked a better place. It was perfect. Contrary to my expectations, the place was very cozy and the bathroom was really clean. There was a locker for my things so I didn’t have to worry about them while I was asleep.

I drew circles on my map, highlighting places I wanted to go.

It took us 30 minutes to an hour of walking under the heat before we gave up and settled with this quirky cafe.

The restaurant was still perfect despite not being our first option. It overlooked the Wat Arun temple.

To cross the river, I had to take a boat that travelled every few minutes between the piers. The boat ride probably took about 2 minutes and all it cost was 3 baht per way.

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)

Going Back to Khao San

Getting hungry from all the walking, I found my way back to Khao San. With loads of places to eat, it was really hard to choose. I ended up in a small cafe that served milk tea and pastas.

It was definitely the perfect way to end the day.

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