Better Days

Better Days

There is a hole in the sky that sucks people into space

Here’s a fun fact about me: I’m constantly paranoid. I guess this is one of the reasons why it’s hard for me to trust people. I’ve always wanted to find out how I got into this habit when it started, and what triggered it.

Was I inherently paranoid as a child?

In some cases, paranoia can keep a person alive. But just as it saves, it also destroys. I develop trust issues and isolate myself from everyone I think will harm me, when all along they’re there to help.

There is a hole in the sky that sucks people into space.

We were playing hide & seek when we were kids. I was looking for my brothers inside my parents’ room when something caught my attention and stopped me in my tracks to look out the window. In the middle of a sunny afternoon, a slow-moving light was trailing in the sky. Lines formed and started trailing down. I didn’t see them reach the ground, but I swear they looked pretty strange. Almost otherworldly.

I don’t know what they were and I always thought that people fell from the sky after being sucked into space while they were sleeping. Nobody remembers. It was just a dream.


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