Driving Alone Towards the Moon

Driving Alone Towards the Moon cover

A parallel world has once or twice crossed my mind

That thick cloud in the sky swallows me whole as I drive the car toward it. Bright lights envelop the windows and doors, seeping through tiny holes. I’ve never been this scared and excited at the same time. Two completely different emotions collide towards the moon.

A parallel world has once or twice crossed my mind, but I shudder at the thought of having another me out there living a completely different life. Perhaps the other Melody has figured out what she wants to do in her life and has started living it.

Too many decisions to make and each one depends on the other. Each question provides an opportunity to continue living.

I went back into writing because I wanted to document the new things I discover about myself. The goal is to fully understand how I’ve become the person I am today.


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