Looking Back at 2018

Exploring composition

I wanted to get better at photography, so I enrolled in a class at a photography center close to home. It gave me a chance to share my work with other people and hear their thoughts about my work.

Bouldering in Bishop

After fracturing my ankle in 2017, I decided that the best place to rebuild my foot muscle is to climb in Bishop. Jk. Jeremie did most of the climbing. 😂

Cross-country train experience

I took an Amtrak train ride across the country and watched the landscape change as we sailed from state to state. Read about that experience here.

Seaweed foraging

There are so many different kinds of seaweed! Growing up in Cebu, I thought I’d seen it all, but apparently, there are many different kinds. We learned, gathered, and dried our own weed. 😏

Cebu & Bohol

Nothing beats going home, seeing family and friends, and lounging by the beach, while enjoying fresh seafood!

Pottery class

A welcome change from being on a computer all day. Shaping clay was like meditating. It didn’t come naturally to me, but once it did, it felt satisfying.

Met up with old friends in LA

We’re starting a tradition of meeting up at least once a year. We’ve been friends since grade school, and now we’re all here in the US living in different cities!

Accepted an offer for full-time work

After a year of doing contract work so that I could travel freely, I took a chance and accepted a full-time job. This time, however, I’m allowed to work from home so I can still sort of travel every now and then.

Our first bear sighting in Colorado

While driving down one morning, we spotted a brown bear casually walking toward us. Our first wild bear sighting was, ironically, in a residential neighborhood.

Weekly food delivery service

Trying to be healthy while working busy schedules, we signed up for a local food delivery service. Here’s to being healthier!

Trip to Japan

This trip was absolutely magical. We spent two weeks in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Naoshima Island, where I finally got to test my cycling skills. It was a dream come true.

Joshua tree

We drove to the desert to see the strange-looking trees and climb the many boulders. It’s something you don’t see every day. Unless maybe if you live there.


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