Looking Back at 2021


2021 was about feeling hopeful for the future. It was a year of getting back to normal (in some form or another) and finally being able to feel human again

Lil' Chips's first camping trip

We went to Sequoia National Forest for Lil’ Chips’s first camping trip. She saw the stars for the first time, staring up at them for a long time while inside our tent.

Not the color I wanted initially because I was going for a more muted, rose-gold color, but I grew to love it as it faded. I never thought I would like the color pink this much.

Pink hair, don't care

Quarantined in Cebu

Due to family health reasons, we had to fly back home for a month and a half. We had to quarantine in a hotel for 2 weeks when we arrived. We finished our quarantine with negative covid results, phew!

I’m always happy to see our families. Living across the ocean and roughly 16 hours away, we are very lucky to be able to see them at least once a year. 😌

Family time at last!

Made ube ice cream from scratch

Led by Ahia and Gelo, we made some yummy ube ice cream using fresh ube from the market! I’m normally not a huge fan of ube, but this was good. Definitely worth all the hours we put into it.

Since we were all fully vaccinated, we slowly started seeing some of our friends again.

Seeing our friends again

A trip to Bantayan Island

We drove (and ferried) all the way to Bantayan island with my family. The trip took almost half the day, stopping by a cozy restaurant by the sea for breakfast. There were barely any people on the beach so we were able to enjoy the place almost to ourselves.

Can’t believe it had been more than a year since we stepped foot inside the gym. Masks were still required at first and the number of guests was limited, but nevertheless, it was awesome to be climbing back.

Back to indoor climbing

Renewing our passport in Chicago

We got ten years on our new passports. Yay! I was so happy to see my pink hair on my passport. I felt like a child in a class photo who got away with the rules.

Just a quick visit to see some friends. We drove down to the old town to get a feel of a ‘Mexican town’ before we actually traveled to Mexico.

San Diego for a day

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

I love going into pretend worlds. Even the scary ones. Yes, I enjoyed immersing myself in familiar horror movies even though the lines were so long.

Yup, she turned one year old in October 2021. We celebrated her day with pupcakes and some playtime with her best friend, Poppy. They both look happy, I think.

Lil' Chips turns one year old


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