Almost two weeks of staying inside. What I’m seeing from our apartment

Hello, world! It’s day 13 since the official start of our shelter-in-place on this side of the world. Except for that one time I felt claustrophobic inside our 420-square-foot apartment, I think I’m doing fine (physically + mentally). Working from home for 7 years and being an introvert has allowed me to adjust to situations like these. AND the internet helped too.

My current productive state is the result of consuming caffeinated milk tea. Two things happen when caffeine enters my system: Either I become super anxious or highly productive. Thank the universe my brain decided to go with the latter because I recently started taking a new medication and becoming anxious is one of its side effects. Fingers crossed I don’t ever experience it.

There’s not much to see from where I am. We have a small garden, but we never really use it because our first-floor neighbors have direct access to it and it feels like we’re invading their space by being there.

I thought about climbing that ladder up to our apartment’s rooftop. But I think I’ll save it for another day.

Our pothos plant is dying and refusing to live. I don’t know if I should hold on to it or just let it die. Meanwhile, I still have books to read. I have a habit of buying books and forgetting about them. Subconsciously, I was preparing for times like these.

The artwork hanging on our bathroom wall is by Joan Cornellà. If you haven’t heard of him or his works, do a Google search. You’re welcome. 😉

You know how they say that limitations tend to make people more creative? I believe it. I absolutely do.


Hello! I want to hear your thoughts. Share them below! 😊

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Stay safe...

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Steph Galeos

Mel! I love how you write and the photos are like visual ASMR. :)


@Steph Galeos, thanks Steph! 😌 I’m glad to hear that. ❤️

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