The 12th Month Reset

The 12th-month reset

I begin a process of resetting

As the clock strikes twelve and people in this little city begin to rush to the streets, light fireworks, and open up their homes to people, I begin a process of resetting. It starts with an emotional shift—from excitement to anxiety to warmth, before vague thoughts of yesterday, the week, month, year, and even a decade before takes over. Then finally it ends in an afterthought of unanswered questions.

By morning, I begin to visualize the days ahead. My body is refueled with energy, and I feel an utmost need to see the world outside.

The first day of the year always gives me hope. I feel myself reset as if everything I did yesterday was something I did last year and I’ve been given a chance to start all over again—a chance to do better and to live life the way it should be lived.


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