Dream of Dreams

Dream of Dreams

My eyes trail the wires and wires connected by wooden posts

I took a step back and stared at the sky. The clouds sit on top of each other, moving ever so slowly away from where I was standing. I look at my feet. They take me to places I’ve traveled far across the sea.

An afternoon spent under the sun is always a pleasure especially when there’s a lot of space to move in. My eyes trail the wires and wires connected by wooden posts. It’s like walking over a thin rope, you concentrate on your path until you reach your destination satisfied, safe, sound.

What is it about the motion and silence that brings us towards this similar interest of our world?

These Flightless birds as described by my friend John, stood a few meters from us. These mechanical creatures seemed to be resting from a day of heavy work.

Yes it led me…it led me to infinity. Infinity is where the sky collides with the ocean. If we traveled at the speed of light, would we realize that infinity has an end? We’ll never know so enjoy the journey and take in as much as you can.

A set of colored buttons lie motionless in the middle of the fields. We examined it, looking at every angle to determine what they were for. The curious side of me reached out and pressed one of the buttons. To our surprise, it triggered a gentle hum in the air, followed by a gush of wind that made the newspapers dance in the air. One in particular fell on my feet.

The city I live in is beautiful. It’s not the richest in the world, but it’s beautiful. Who wouldn’t love the close proximity to the water? Or the gentle mountains, even the cozy little shops that hide in the corners?

These photos are taken using my Zorki 4k rangefinder camera paired with an old Kodak Ultima film (ISO 400). I’ve posted similar photos from my Panasonic Lumix GF1 here ↝


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