Neighborhood Stroll

Neighborhood Stroll

Every motion or the lack thereof becomes more significant than they are

I enjoy being on the streets because there’s so much to see. Stories manifest as I take each step, projecting themselves in different ways. Every brick, every motion, or the lack thereof becomes more significant than they are.

For instance, a rooftop turned into a rendezvous where the cool birds gather and observe people. I listen to the crows making noises outside and wonder what they are on about.

And there’s the manner in which people expose their routine in public. Two pairs of yellow boots hang upside down on a makeshift wooden boot dryer.

Or the cracks and holes that reveal new life growing in it.

And don’t forget the things that people leave behind.

And the shadows that imprint themselves on our streets create a preview of a parallel world.

All these make me want to take a walk until my feet hurt and my camera runs out of space.


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