Palm Springs

Palm Springs

There is beauty in minimal design–of keeping only what’s important

Our visit to Palm Springs was brief and served only as a layover before driving to LA, then back to San Francisco. It took us all day to drive back home, stopping along the way to grab food and see old friends. Jeremie and I took turns in 2.5-hour intervals. Apparently, that’s our limit before we start to lose focus. 🙃

An oasis in the desert, Palm Springs looked like a set from a vintage movie with its famous mid-century structures. Everywhere you turn, the city was postcard-perfect. Palm trees stretched towards the blue sky while huge mountains peeked in the background.

As much as they are fascinating and scenic, deserts make me unhappy. I could never live in a desert even if I was in a million-dollar home. It feels so superficial, forced, and dead. But maybe that’s because I grew up on a tropical island.

We drove around for a few minutes admiring the bungalows with their intricate patterns and colorful doors. There is beauty in minimal design—of keeping only what’s important. That has always been my approach to my work as a designer and life in general.

After a few minutes of taking photos, I started to feel uncomfortable. I felt like I was invading someone’s privacy. I kept waiting for someone to storm out of the doors and chase us away but that never happened.

Maybe these beautiful houses are nothing but a mirage.


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