Preparing For My First Solo Trip

Preparing For My First Solo Trip

Here we go! My first solo trip. Something I’ve been wanting to do but have been putting off for the longest time.

It’s exciting, unnerving, and mind-blowing. Here we go. My first solo trip. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but have been putting off with different excuses. I wanted to do it before turning 30, so this is the perfect opportunity.

I’m going to Bali. I’ve never been but have heard stories and it seems like my kind of place.

So acting with impulse, I booked my tickets a week ago, and it looks like I ran out of excuses not to go. I spent hours browsing through the internet, researching what to do, and came up with a list.

Yoga and meditation

Bali is a spiritual place. By chance, I booked a b&b near a place called The Yoga Barn. I’m hoping to experience solitude and peace throughout my days there.

Organic market

Saw this website about a local market in Ubud and thought I’d drop by to taste the fresh local produce.

Temples, temples, and temples

Curious about the local culture, I’m hoping to visit a few temples and learn about them while there. I’m particularly interested in Hinduism and understanding its significance to the locals.

Back roads

One reason why I wanted to stay for almost a month is that this will give me time to explore the backroads and off-the-beaten spots. My camera is going to have a swell time.

Meet new friends

It’s something I struggle with on most days. As an introvert, I find it hard to meet new people and instantly connect with them. But I’m hoping this trip will allow me to be brave and talk to strangers.

See the beaches

Not a priority but I heard it’s one of the reasons why people visit the island. I’m not sure about swimming alone though.

Learn to eat new food

As a picky eater, this will be a challenge, but I will have to try. Travel helps broaden my taste and being alone will push me outside my limit.

My schedule is pretty loose. I’ve learned from our trip to Ilocos Norte that allocating more days to your trip is better than having a tight schedule. We’ll see what happens. My soul-searching begins next Monday!


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