Railroads & Greenery

Railroads & greenery

We heard the train whistle and the slow chugging of its engine

Erawan Falls consists of 7 tiers. Before we could hike to the top, the park staff checked the number of plastic water bottles we were carrying. Each bottle came with a fee between 20 – 40 baht. At the end of the hike, we could claim the deposit if we still had the bottles with us. The clever policy ensures that visitors keep the site plastic-free.

One of the guys from our group said that he recently visited the Philippines. Mid-conversation, I was almost in tears laughing when he took out a small note from his wallet and showed me what was in it. He asked one of the locals from my hometown to write useful phrases that he could use to communicate while in the city.

Drenched in sweat when we reached the top, I wanted to jump in the water but forgot to bring my bathing suit.

So I sat by the edge of the falls, mesmerized by the group of fish that assembled near my feet. They nibbled on my toes, hesitant at first, but then grew more confident when they realized I wasn’t harmful.

I was happy to be in my own little corner.

Hellfire Pass

Surrounded by fresh air and a picturesque view, you wouldn’t have guessed that such a terrible thing happened here. During World War 2, the prisoners of war built the Hellfire Pass. The name comes from the eerie sight of prisoners toiling away at night illuminated only by torchlights.

Death Railway

I’ve seen many pictures of this railway on the internet which made me curious to see it. During the Japanese invasion, there was a need to move supplies between Thailand and Burma. So POWs and Southeast Asian civilian workers were forced to build the railway in harsh conditions.

There was only one schedule in the entire day for the train to pass so exploring was permitted for a few minutes.

My fear of heights surfaced as I walked the narrow path.

We heard the train whistle and the slow chugging of its engine. A man in old uniform greeted us and gestured for us to board the train.

I looked out the window and saw the river houses go by. I imagined being inside one of the houses and watching the train move through the cliffs. Moments later, we were at the last stop—The Bridge over the River Kwai.


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