The Train to Kanchanaburi

The train to kanchanaburi

As soon as the taxi sped off, I realized that I didn’t know where I was

It was a terrible morning. As if the lack of sleep wasn’t enough, the taxi driver who was supposed to take me to the train station took me to the wrong place! The hostel receptionist gave him instructions (in Thai), written on paper. But for some reason, there was a miscommunication.

As soon as the taxi sped off, I realized that I didn’t know where I was. Not knowing how to read/speak Thai, I started to get worried.

I was eventually able to find an officer who helped me get another taxi. Since we were on the main highway, we had to wait several minutes to get one. He talked to the driver and made sure he understood the instructions.

I thanked him profusely, amazed at the extreme kindness the Thai people had shown me over the past few days.

When I reached the right station, I thought the train had left without me. Fortunately, it hadn’t arrived yet plus I had enough time to eat my meal. The receptionist packed my breakfast inside a brown paper bag so I could take it with me.

A pigeon flew towards my feet when I opened the bag. It knew that sound well.

Do you like sandwiches? Its blank eyes stared at me as it cocked its head to one side. I sighed and tossed a small chunk of bread in front of it. I bet you like ham too. I threw a small piece, but it seemed to ignore it.

Soon the train arrived, and I rushed to get a good seat. See you next time, Bangkok! Kanchanaburi, here I come.

After hours of staring at the trees, I got bored and wished I had a book with me. Then I remembered I had music on my phone. Tycho filled the air as I put on my headphones. The soothing sound of Elegy played in the background as I gazed at the greens in motion.

Kanchanaburi at last. I spent some time walking around town and in the evening rewarded my feet with the most spine-tingling massage ever. My feet were pretty happy all thanks to these ladies. What a way to end the day.

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